VR Short Film & 2D Short Film

VR Version Coming Soon


Consumed by Virtual Reality addiction, a woman clings to the digitally reconstructed memory of her dead husband. As the lines of reality blur, she begins to question which world is real.

We shot two versions of the film. One is shot as a standard 2D short film. The other is a short film designed as a virtual reality experience.

The film is shot partially in 3D 180 degree view and partially in 2D. The format dynamically switches from 2D to 3D when the main character puts on her virtual reality goggles. Allowing the viewer to see the virtual world through her eyes and creating a one of a kind cinematic experience.

Behind the Scenes


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Watch The Film

The 2D version of the film is available above. The 3D VR experience will be released in early 2016.


Reactions to the VR Experience

"Wow, that was really good." - Palmer Luckey (founder of Oculus)

"I love it! Super cool...Can't wait to see what you come up with next!." - René Pinnell (founder of Kaleidoscope VR film festival)